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1. Department of Administration

    CEO : Vithoon Viyanant, B.Sc. (Med.Tech.), M.T.(ASCP), Ph.D.


2.  Department of Medical Laboratory

     Vice CEO and Lab. Director : Cheodchai Chuenchitra B.Sc. (Med.Tech.), M.T. (ASCP), Ph.D.

     Cytogenetic Lab. Director : Mahattana Komolsilp,M.D.

     Manager : Pitimon Lomsomboon,B.Sc.( Med. Tech.), M.B.A.


3.  Department of Surgical Pathology and Cytology

     Lab. Director : Ubolrat Hatajich, M.D.

     Assistant Lab. Director : Chaiyong Arunsuriyasak, B.Sc.,M.S.(Pathobiology), B.B.A.

     Manager : Chattanan Pinkam, B.Sc.(Biomed. Sc.),B.B.A


4.   Department of Customer Relationship Management

      Manager : Visut Suvinaichukit, B.Sc. (Med. Tech.), Mini MBA


5.   Department of Customer Information and Services

      Manager : Poonnawat Wangrungrot, B.Sc. (Med. Tech.), M.M.T.


6.    Department of Information Technology

       Manager : Sittichai Lerdchaipech, B.Sc. (Med. Tech.), M.S.(CIS.)


7.    Department of Services for Biomedical Research

        Manager (Acting) : Professor Vithoon Viyanant, M.T.(ASCP), Ph.D.

                                       :  Professor Kessara  N.Bangchang, Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

                                        (Scientific Consultant)